Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Cor it's hot!

It's been another glorious day here at chez Picksters, I can't believe I'm finding myself wishing for a bit of rain!!!!! The poor recently transplanted broccoli have really struggled today and have gone a bit Larry Grayson (limp wristed).

Paul the builder is off for a week and a half so it's just me for now, although Jersey is coming to visit this weekend. Paul left me in charge of the mini digger s I was able to crack on with the fencing around the veg plot. It's a real slog putting up fence posts in this ground, even the digger struggles with the size of some of the rocks, and then I have to mix up a load of cement and transport it back to the field as it's the only way to secure the posts.

poly is starting to feed me with salad crops which is a real buzz. I'm currently munching on various leaves including rocket and Pak choi, and our first new potatoes, Red Duke, arrived today, I was going to harvest more but I think I'll wait until next weekend when Mrs P is coming up for a weekend of planting.

Tool of the Day
This is a new feature to pay homage to the tool/implement/machinery that was particularly useful. Today's winner is Trinny the tractor, without who I would have never managed to concrete in the fence posts

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