Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A wonbamalula-a-one-bamboo

Well another sunny day here but I was destined to spend the day fiddling around with bamboo flooring in the barn. We have gone for bamboo as it is a super sustainable flooring that is harder than most hardwoods. We had real trouble sourcing any oak flooring which was FSC certified, and that came in on budget.

We went for one that had a "coffee" stain and that had a matt finish. Too many samples we had seen previously had this heavily laquered finish which made them look like plastic. We are initially installing it in the three bedrooms in the barn, and if we like the look of it, it will get the thumbs up to role it out (oh if it was only that simple!) across all the rooms in each property.

I've only had to call Paul on his holiday in France a couple of times so far, but it does make a big difference when I am just working here alone, I forget how much I must have double checked things with him.


Flooring bracket

It's not always the glamour power tools that get to scoop this now coverted award. Today a simple 's' shaped metal bracket allowed me to tap all the flooring together

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