Monday, 1 June 2009

Jeez it's hot in Aunt Poly

Well today I had various lists of tasks to do. Task one was to paint the first colour coat on the walls in the cottage kitchen. We've gone for a pea green, which should go well with the gloss white units and dark brown floor.

Job 2 was to trek off to Lampeter to restock the larder and purchase some angle brackets.

Job 3, using said brackets, construct an end panel in the red kitchen, fit the dishwasher and fit it's door

Job 4, put some longer sticks into the pea bed as the little blighters have reached the top of the first load of twigs, and construct some supports for the broad beans

Job 5, rig up the auto watering system in the poly, not a chance!!!! I lasted 10 minutes in there as the temperature was 37C, the poor plants were gasping even though I watered them this morning. I moved the early potatoes outside to cool down a bit (they're in big bags if you were wondering), the salad bed was fine which is good news as the soil does seem to retain a fair amount of moisture, but all the seedlings in pots were struggling a tad.

I've attached some pics of the two new front doors I managed to pick up at cost at Travis Perkins. We're really pleased with them and they set the buildings off brilliantly.

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