Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Continuing Education

Top 10 Things I Know Now That I Didn’t Know Before – Part 2

Week 8

1. Unless you’re a child, student or OAP, finding a dentist who accepts NHS patients is an exercise in frustration and time wasting. Small wonder that we’re a nation with a reputation for bad teeth!

2. Listening to Radio 1 (the station of choice for the average builder) for longer than 3 hours a day turns your brain to mush.

3. No matter how much Marco Pierre White may laud the qualities of the Knorr stock cube, soup made with stock cube stock is nowhere near as tasty as that made with home made stock.

4. Plumbers use “Plumbers Mait” not “Plumbers Mate”. How silly. The building industry needs a new brand adviser.

5. In the wrong hands (i.e. mine) decorator’s caulk is really, really messy; it tends to keep oozing out of the gun when you want it to stop, leaving the user (i.e. me) with far more sticky goo than is required, so the sticky goo ends up on the user’s (i.e. my) fingers and coat.

6. Wetsuits let the cold water in. Weeing in a wetsuit warms it up.

7. The caterpillar of the Elephant Hawk Moth is HUGE! It is so named as the caterpillar resembles an elephant’s trunk, but personally I think it looks more like a mini snake.


8. Broadband coverage in the country is pants if you want to stream anything. So much for the digital age.

9. Peeling a beetroot is easy once the root is boiled and cooled, but grating beetroot is messier than open heart surgery (although admittedly my experience of open heart surgery is limited to watching episodes of Holby City).

10. My hatred of slugs knows no bounds.

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