Saturday, 24 October 2009

Men at Work

If you’re a man with an urge to wield an axe, rev up a power tool or generally flex the diy muscles, then Banceithin is the place for you! Bob braved the winter cold to clad the shed (see 29 January 2009, “The Shed (Can he fix it? Yes he can)”), Andy joined him in fairer weather to shovel gravel for the veg plot path (see 14 April 2009, “Sunny Easter”), Jersey Jon swung a golf club and fitted a kitchen (see 8 June 2009, Kitchen Numero Deux).

This week, Squaddie Dad leapt into action - he sands, he paints, he tiles, he takes doors off their hinges, he puts doors back on their hinges.  He even managed to find time to win a round of golf, lose a game of cribbage and eat cake.



Anonymous said...

Just to remind all that Squaddie Dad and his Painting Queen plus Phil th Flu and Dave the (no) Voice won the pub quiz again and are still undefeated.

Bobos said...

You guys know how to make yourself popular with the locals.