Friday, 2 October 2009

Where’s Wally?

So we’ve started on a bit of landscaping, building a path round the back of the small cottage, but can you spot Phil giving a helping hand?


It was Phil’s birthday last week and to my complete shock, the water fearing stone that is my wife, announced that she wanted a wetsuit for her birthday. This all came from when we dropped in on our favourite beach and I mentioned how it would be nice to pop down to the sea when the weather is nice for a bit of body surfing and a pint. Phil apparently liked the idea of that, but there would be no chance of getting her into the water without protection (Phil struggles to get into the water in Greece!).

So off we went to Aberystwyth to the local surf “shack”. After trying several on and hence some time later she had picked one, and it left enough in the budget for some booties as well. So on her birthday it was rather grey and perfectly still, but Phil was committed to trying out her suit. Getting into the suits ended up being harder for me. Mine harks back to  when I went travelling with Bob when we were in our early twenties, and I would have got it on quicker if I hadn’t forced my right leg into the right arm! How I got it in that appendage I don’t know, but finally we made it to the water. The beach at Tresaith is a lovely sandy and gently shelving beach. Walking in the cold water got into the suit but after a while it felt great, and much to Phil’s amusement, she could actually float standing up!

Well after some funny swimming (it’s hard to swim in wetsuits), it was off to the pub for lunch…..yum. Phil is already talking about going to catch some waves at the next opportunity…..who would have thought it.


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