Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Philfest 09 Highlights

After the successful running of the inaugural Philfest last year, we decided to keep the spirit going and try a smaller version up here in Wales.

A small crowd gathered on the Saturday evening for a feast of live music. Headlining was Bobbos with his blend of contempory and traditional guitar classics. He’s really developed as a solo guitarist and we were lucky to book him as he had to rush back on Sunday to perform another gig in Barnet:

Supporting Bobbos was Bad van Bode, one of the highlights of Philfest 08, they played a few crowd pleasers and got everyone in the mood for the experimental duo of The Tyskie Twins.


Their style is almost impossible to pigeon hole, exploring strange chord combinations and experimenting with differing timings and vocals between the two rising stars. Who knows if this form of music will make it onto a bigger stage, all I can say is that we were there at the birth of something very special!


The Tyskie Twins with guest vocals by Wife Beatski

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Neil said...

Love the Akubra Dave
Looks like it was a bit colder at Philfest 2009
Pity that the Travelling Pilburys were not able to get together, but with the singer on a world tour in Australia / South Africa / China then maybe they can get together next year if not a live video link up might be required